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That should do it

The time was 0400 on January 1, 2013. It was the end of a long night with more alcohol than you can imagine. Ron had called a taxi since no one trusted him behind the wheel of his car tonight. This had to be for the better of everyone on the roads.

While he was waiting, the women that Ron had believed was the women of his dreams had walked up to him. This is the magic part of alcohol that always causes the most trouble. No, not because it helps someone get lucky. This is the part that makes you not notice everything around you.

He went up to her and said loudly where everyone could tell he was drunk. “Hey lady what do you think about possibly gay sex dating me?” Feeling quite embarrassed she responds “I wouldn’t date you if you life depended on it, if you’re not going to pay for services get outta here.”

Finding Love on the Internet is Real

I was always jealous of best friend a few years ago. He always seemed to have a date on Friday and Saturday nights. He was not a very outgoing person and it perplexed me. Finally, one day I decided to ask how he always managed to have dates when I was having problems just getting one. It turned out he was using an online dating website, which matched up girls according to his interests. The reason this jealousy was two years ago is because I myself signed up to this fuck buddy dating website and now have a steady girlfriend of four months. My friend confided in me that before he signed up to the dating site he did not believe he would ever be married. I myself worried about such things before, but now we are both confident in finding the love of our life.